V-Tight Gel Reviews Highlight The Increased Pleasure of Self Masturbation

It’s no surprise that men may talk about it more, but women do it to. We’re just more soft spoken about it! In fact, a study performed by the Kinsey Institute revealed that more than half of all American women between the ages of eighteen to forty-nine masturbate at least once every three months. This includes both single, married, and those in a relationship. Our viewers who have tried v-tight gel have shown and increase in sexual desire. You can read about their stories when checking out these real v-tight gel user reviews. In fact, they were so happy with the results they’ve seen with their tighter vaginas they have decided to give the list below a try.

Although self-pleasure doesn’t carry the stigma it once did years ago, some women still don’t feel appropriate or comfortable while performing. Here are a few tips to let you know the benefits of masturbating…

  1. It’s good for your health. Masturbating directly increases your blood flow throughout your entire body and releases endorphins that make the brain feel good. Even if you don’t orgasm you will still feel a mood boosting benefit from the touch. This is a great stress reliever for both men and women. It helps to take your mind off the pressures that life surrounds you will. Think of it as a mini-vacation for yourself.
  2. It will improve your own sex life. The more time you spend feeling yourself the more comfortable you become with your body. This is great to not only increase your self confidence, but to also discover the feelings you personally like. Masturbating will help release your internal desires and let you know your body. Visit site for more topical information. If you have trouble achieving orgasm with your partner, this is a great way to feel around and find what works to make you climax. Then you can pass on this key to your partner to have better sex in the future.
  3. It can ease the symptoms of menopause. When you masturbate we’ve established that you increase your blood flow, but you also boost your water-based lubricant. And along the way relieve some tissue and moisture problems that are commonly associated with menopause. In addition, this is a great way to increase your sexual desire.
  4. You don’t have to rush. Too many times women are pressured during sex to reach orgasm fast and most of the time don’t fully end up there. In fact, many women have admitted faking orgasms to help their partner feel better. When self-pleasuring rushing the experience can lead to unsatisfactory results and thinking too much about trying to orgasm may throw off your chances of actually making it happen. Take your time and enjoy your touch. It doesn’t have to be a quickie experience.
  5. Toys can help the experience. Nearly half of the women who shared the about their masturbating habits have also admitted to using toys like vibrators to make the experience more pleasurable. If you’ve had trouble reaching climax this may be a great solution for you to try.

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